Looking for information about city services, meetings or help with an issue? Here are some government resources with the City of New Orleans.

Check out the NoticeMe app, a personalized notification tool that emails citizens to inform them of opportunities for public input on proposed land-use changes.


Streetwise NOLA: View traffic accidents, street closures, and reports of flooding accross New Orleans. 


BlightStatus: Learn the status or history of a property’s code enforcement violations 


Where Y’at?: Need to get service information for a specific address? Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the City's website and enter the info. 


OneStop App: Learn about getting a permit or license, or research a property’s permit history. 


Crime Mapping: View crime by area or type.  by visiting http://nola.gov/nopd/crime-data/crime-maps/


RoadWork: Learn about past, current, and future road work projects that affect your daily life.  


Public Meetings: Find information on public meetings and events scheduled by City agencies.


STAT Meetings: Learn about how the City is performing within prioritized areas.


NOPD Quality of Life Officers: Find the contact information for your NOPD Quality of Life Officer.


Louisiana SPCA Animal Control: Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding stray animals and collection of animal remains. 


Regional Transport Authority (RTA): View bus schedules and learn about public transportation fares in the city.



City of New Orleans

Resources for Neighborhoods

City Hall

8th Floor, Office 8E06

1300 Perdido St.

New Orleans, LA 70112


Phone: (504) 658-4980

Fax: (504) 658-4969

Email: neighborhoods@nola.gov 


Find information and ways to engage with the City of New Orleans on a variety of important issues such as blight, capacity building, land use, leadership development, public infrastructure, public safety, and recreation.